Sunday Video: Buses

A song by Frankie Cosmos + chocolate milk = a party.

my ode to yoohoo and friend-chips <3

babe the pig

we’re gonna play this at the movie theater i work at in january and i’m pretty excited about it 

being down here there are babies and people in love and an old dog I’ve known almost my whole life and listening to music by people I know and crying to it forever, I can hardly take pictures or journal or anything, instead I do science homework

hep i’m stuck in a house alone with a blind puppy in NOLA with no food and no way around 

featured on Ain&#8217;t-Bad Magazine todaychecckit out 

featured on Ain’t-Bad Magazine today

checckit out 


last 3 things I dragged on to my desktop say a lot about my person~ 

last 3 things I dragged on to my desktop say a lot about my person~ 

went to walmart and ate a free mcflurry at the mcdonalds inside of walmart skated home really fast listening to the smith westerns really loud and flew off and busted open my knee and elbow kept skating and it felt so good and summer and the sun was setting there were wildflowers still all over the place so i stopped to pick some and was laughing to myself got home and my pop cleaned me up and it was just a perfect reflection of this summer 

been listening to this a lot since being in the desert 


family summer