Can’t stop thinkin’ about how nice it would be to wake up in nature, swimming, faeries playin’ tricks, tree smells, firewood crackles 


been listening and singing to this a lot lately :)

bieber wait count down 3 dayz 



my momma in elementary school, what a cutie gosh :-) 

my momma in elementary school, what a cutie gosh :-) 

life inspiration 

back in nyc

weird feelings

In a very large bed, watching Carrie, gonna make more art in the morning, starting to really relax. Missing my buddies so much, but being home feels right presently. Going to NOLA, looking at things with all smiles, and trying to be like my mama and go with the flow. :O)

staying in the south a lil’ longer y’all 

it is so cold in my room right now that I am literally wearing 4 pairs of socks (thought about putting both feet inside my j biebz stocking) and 3 sweaters with 3 blankets on top and I swear I just saw my breath 

just a city girl livin’ the city life